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I'll be getting my assignments up as quick as I can scan / load them etc! If you have a question about an assignment that isn't listed yet feel free to email at my address at the bottom of this page.

Andrea's Assignments

I've put this page together to try and give you guys a bit of insight to what's expected from your assignments, and some further resources.  Not that I'm saying I'm a genius at it - I got some ok marks, some pretty great marks, and some really crap ones too. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes!

After talking to a couple of you doing the 2005 course, I realise some of the assignments (and lecturers?) have changed - can't do much about that, sorry, but hopefully this can still be of some use to you.

It's pretty self-explanatory, but for the dummies out there, here's how it works:
Under each unit title are the assignments associated with that unit.
For each assignment you'll find :
- a jpeg scan of the assignment description and criteria
- a html version of the assignment I submitted
- a jpeg scan of the returned assignment with lecturer comments
- a comment from me about the assignment, including the mark I got for it.

Unit Code              Unit Title
MYS 4001 Adolescent  Development
MYS 4002 Context and Philosophy of Middle Schooling
MYS 4003 From Alienation to Engagement
MYS 4004 Middle Schooling Pedagogy
MYS 4005 Teaching Middle Years English
MYS 4006 Teaching Middle Years Mathematics
MYS 4007 Teaching Middle Years Science
MYS 4008 Teaching Middle Years Society and Environment
PPA 4180
PPA 4280
Practicum Placements

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