Soap Opera Effect makes everything look better.

My new hobby: applying motion interpolation to all the things.

Watching youtube game footage interpolated from 60FPS to 144FPS (on a gaming monitor obviously) looks amazing, and much closer to how the player saw it.

Interpolating movies from 24FPS to 60FPS looks equally stunning, albeit with more noticeable motion artifacts due to the dismal source frame rate.

This is made possible for me using phiresky’s excellent Vapoursynth script as documented here:

A ryzen 2700X can, in realtime, interpolate youtube 1080p60 game footage to 1080p144, or 1440p30 (looking at you Tested, Linus Media Group) to 1440p60. Protip for linux users: mpv can stream youtube, vimeo and twitch URLs directly, whilst interpolating to a delicious 144FPS, given enough CPU cores.

Enjoy the following pre-rendered movie trailer demo using the vspipe|ffmpeg technique. The first playing is the unaltered original. Make sure you’re using a p60 quality in youtube.