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  • whiteboard - our fridge, essentially. Not of any use whatsoever except to me.
  • ubuntu-raid1-conversion - My documentation for converting a stock ubuntu karmic (9.10) to RAID-1
  • cammos-rpi-displays - Documentation for cammo's raspbian based display units
  • N900-owncloud-sync - Notes about setting up Calendar/Contact sync using syncevolution
  • backuppc-notes - Transfering file pool *with* hardlinks between servers and doing command line restores
  • 64bit-migration - notes on Migrating Gentoo from i686 to x86_64 arch.
  • gentoo-maint - Gentoo maintenance checklist
  • move-cyrus-folder - Moving a cyrus imap folder between users on the server itself.
  • porteus-kiosk - Information on setting up porteus kiosk for PXE boot, using settings from network.
  • genkernel-hyperv-notes - getting a genkernel based kernel and initramfs running on hyperv as at 201804
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