Gow Real Estate, Perth, Western Australia

Every time I’ve dealt with them – in person or over the phone, I’ve felt like strangling somebody. They have broken promises to follow up on many issues we had, particularly to do with incorrect (in their favour) rent collected. Many of their agents, including the head honcho (Dee Gow) seem to have attitude problems (“we’ve been doing this for xx years, so dont tell us how to do our job…” sort of attitude). Thankfully the property we live in is not managed by them any more, but we were quite amused to talk to the new real estate agents (who have been wonderful) and find that they had a very bad experience dealing with Gow in the changeover procedure. Changing over to Gow was also apparently a major issue for the real estate agents we had previous to Gow (and a bad experience for us also).

Gow Real Estate – you should avoid them in my opinion.

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