Mythweb + Daylight saving in Perth, Western Australia

If you updated your operating system correctly to the latest timezone updates – tzdata-2006p (which you probably have, as most distributions have provided updates automatically), then you would have noticed that mythtv’s internal program guide hasn’t skipped a beat, provided mythtv’s TimeOffset setting is set to “Auto”. All your shows should be recording at the correct time. Mythweb, however, will have still been one hour out (ie “Ten News at Five” displays as being at 1600h on mythweb only). Mythweb is PHP based, and as such doesn’t use your operating system’s timezone data. PHP has it’s own timezone database. As of this date, the 2006p timezone update has made it into php’s upstream CVS, but as far as I’m aware, there have been no official releases of php since that commit. You could grab a diff from PHP’s CVS here, and compile your own version, but I suggest a much simpler work around until an official version filters down to the various distros: edit php.ini and set date.timezone = Asia/Tokyo which is the required +0900 offset that we need. Restart apache and your mythweb will be fixed.