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Most prog house music will sound awes on decent subs etc.. looking for exceptional edm tracks, and in particular non-edm chill or crowdpleasing type music that sounds good even at low or medium levels for demos.

  • London Grammar - Hey Now
  • Adam Freeland - Burn the Clock
  • Daft Punk - Solar Sailer (Tron legacy soundtrack - symphony orchestral+synth) - good top boxes/eq required
  • Hans Zimmer - Time (Inception soundtrack. huge dynamic range, five-string doublebass section hits 33hz (c1), symphony orchestral+piano+dist eguitar) - good top boxes/eq required
  • deadmau5 - For lack of a better name (lots of tracks with “anthemmy” mid-high chord sequences followed by drops, and some killer prog tech tracks in general)
  • Freq nasty - Amped (maybe? need to relisten with senheisers, not sure how fullrange this is)
  • Knife party - internet friends (mind the fbombs)
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